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BrickHouse (shareware $25.00)
Since OCX is based on Unix/BSD it has a firewall built into the operating system. This software can place your system behind a firewall in seconds. Any BSD guru can configure it but most of us Mac people have no clue! Brian Hill brings us a utility that allows anyone to configure OSX�s free firewall with a GUI interface
Setting up Firewall Rules in OSX
MacWorld OSX Firewall test results
(link to results)
Apple Security Center - Official Page
Pre-OSX Resources
I can�t find a single free firewall for pre-OSX Macintosh computers. Instead of leaving you hanging, here are some other solutions.
A simple and intelligent security application which protects your Macintosh from outside Internet intruders. $35.00
Norton Personal Firewall for Macintosh
your maximum defense against hackers. It prevents unauthorized access, keeps your data private and secure, and is easy to install and use. This powerful firewall solution monitors all Internet connections to and from your Mac�, logging and alerting you to attempted intrusions.
Who�s There 1.0
Essential for understanding the ever-increasing access attempts from the Net Provides advice and helps you take action to combat access attempts. Works with Open Door's DoorStop and Symantec's Norton Personal Firewall Protection  for Macintosh
NetBarrier v2.0
Internet security application adds cookie and spam filters, improved monitoring tools and new firewall options
PGP Complete Desktop
PGP Desktop Security is the first and only security product to combine personal firewall, intrusion detection, VPN client, and encryption technologies into a single solution that fully protects computers against intruders and theft/loss of data

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