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Often, Firewalls and Home Networking go hand in hand.  HomeNetHelp.com does a great job explaining home network concepts in a way that beginners can understand.  In addition, the tutorials there are full of pictures and are easy to follow.  Here are some featured areas of HomeNetHelp.com
Internet Connection sharing.  This page will help you decide what kind of connection sharing is right for your network.  Included are links to flowcharts, network diagrams, terminology explanations, faq's and more.  Both bardware based (router) and software based connection sharing methods are covered.
Microsoft networking tutorial.  This basic home networking tutorial explains how to set up a small home network for file and print shaing.  Later, add connection sharing with other tutorials.
Network terms and concepts explained. This area explains all those tough networking terms in a way that everyone can understand.
If you use Microsoft ICS to share your internet connection, be sure to visit HomeNetHelp's Microsoft ICS zone.  There are links to architecting your ICS solution, an implementation tutorial, tips and tricks and more.  Great page!
Lastly, don't forget to check out the extensive 802.11b wireless ethernet section.  This will tell you all about how to set up your own wireless ethernet network in your home


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