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To understand a firewall port, we must first understand IP Ports.
If the internet were radio, IP would be the radio waves and IP Ports would be the channels or frequencies. Every computer program that uses the internet runs on a port. One of the most common ports is 80. This port is used for the web. All browsers and web servers use this port to communicate together. Email uses a different port, mostly port 25. There are 100�s of common ports and you can find a good list here
A firewall port, directly relates to an IP port. Sometimes you will need to �open a port� in your firewall protection  or router for a program to operate. Most programmers these days are aware that people use firewalls and routers so they try to make their software fully compatible with them. There are occasionally still programs that need some manual configuration. This is most often the case when you try to run a �server� on your home network. Some of the most common servers that people like to run are game servers.
When you want to run a server on your home computer and that computer is behind a firewall you must enable �port forwarding� on the NAT router / personal firewall. This tells the router that any incoming traffic from the internet on a specific port should be sent to a specific computer on your network.
You will need three items of information to enable port forwarding. 1) What port does the program use 2) What is the IP address of the local computer that is running the program 3) What is the IP address your internet connection
Lets say you wanted to run a Rainbow 6 game server. Rainbow 6 uses port 2346. On the computer that runs the rainbow 6 server go to a command prompt and type IPCONFIG. This will show the IP address. It should be something like Lastly, log into the administration screen of your NAT router/firewall. On one of the status screens it should show you the WAN IP address or Internet IP address.
Now, go to the �port forwarding� or �server� area of your router administration. It will be different on every brand router so you will need to find it. Next set up port 2346 to foreword to Now you can tell your friends to contact your server at the WAN IP address you got from your router.
Now if you were to run a port scan of your WAN ip address you would find that 2346 is no longer blocked.

To find out the firewall port or IP Port of a specific game, go to yahoo or another search engine and type the name of game server followed by the word port.


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