NAT Firewall

A nat firewall can be either software or hardware. It is not a true firewall but end up performing many of the same functions. The primary function of NAT is internet connection sharing, or connecting many local computers to the internet through a single connection. A device whose primary function is NAT is called a NAT Router.
To confuse the subject even further, some NAT Routers have true firewall functionality built in. These are routers with SPI or stateful packet inspection. Here are some manufacturers of NAT routers:
Often, NAT Routers or Nat Firewalls have wireless access points built in for 802.11b/g connectivity. A few routers may even include print server functionality. There are also combination DSL or Cable modems with NAT Routers built in. Personally I don�t like to built too many functions into the same box but these devices are fantastic for novice users.


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